Hola Argentina

reviewed by Juan Pablo María and Cinthia Giorlando







Dear Editor,

The purpose of this letter is to comment and describe “¡Hola! Argentina” magazine, according to our general view.

The magazine is quite entertaining; it has plenty of information about celebrities’ world as well as a range of original issues about make up and food.

Fist of all, we would like to say that we like the celebrities section, but most of all, we love the advertisements, especially the ones about cars.

Anyway, although we like the celebrities section, almost all the magazine deals with that. Moreover, the whole magazine is particularly for women – there aren‘t too many articles for men.

In our opinion, you should add more information about sports such as football, rugby and tennis, which are the most important ones, and to quit some data which is not really important.

Finally, we must say that we are very glad with this opportunity you have given to express ourselves.

Yours faithfully,

Juan Pablo María and Cinthia Giorlando


Viva magazine

reviewed by Barbara Luna and Antonio Maldonado







Dear Editor of Clarín magazine,

We are writing this letter to you because we think that the magazine is very interesting, informative and complete. And for these reasons we are grateful.

What makes this magazine interesting is the variety of information that  allows people to choose what they want to read. One example of what we like is the artilcle about how to prepare a chocolate cake.

On the other hand, we believe that there are too many advertisements in the magazine. Perhaps you may include some interviews to famous people or add humorous comics for young people.

We hope that this letter might help you to improve this type of magazine for the better.

Yours faithfully,

Antonio Maldonado and Bárbara Luna