1. How do I know what my level is?

Students’ level may be assessed through an interview, a level test, attending one or more classes as a “listener” or all of the above options.

2. Can I start with a level “0” of English?

Yes. There are courses starting with a “beginner” level and others with an “elementary” one.

3. Can courses be joined at any time?

Yes. A course is suggested after the initial interview. Having the corresponding level, the candidate can join the class.

4. How old do I need to be to attend a study programme?

Being a programme designed for adults, a minimum of 18 is recommended, without any top age limit.

5. What certificate will I get after taking a programme?

At the end of the year, an internal certificate will be issued.

6. Can I train for an international examination without actually having to sit for it?

Yes. Training for an exam does not necessarily imply having to sit for it.

7. How many fees are due?

Monthly fees are due from April to November (8 fees)

8. Where are the fees paid?

The fees are paid through an envelope which is handed in to the teacher in charge of the class.



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