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FAQs about our teens’ FCE class

1. How much time do I need to be well prepared to sit for the FCE? 1, 2, or 3 years, according to the candidate´s level of English and his/her performance. 2. When does the registration date for our 2012 courses start? As from March, 1st, every Tuesday and Thursday from 13:30 to 15:30hs. 3. When do classes start? March, 20th 2012 at 13:30hs. 4. When do classes end? In October, November or...

Speaking Practice Parts 1 & 2

Hope you profit from this extra practice  🙂 Download the PDF file, do the activities and send them to Skills.   Speaking practice 1 part 1 Speaking practice 1 part 2

Colegio Belgrano Magazine

Colegio Belgrano Magazine               written by Giannina De Paolo &  Sofía Gorrini   Dear Editor, We are really glad to make some comments about Colegio Belgrano Magazine. Firstly, we want to say that the magazine is very complete and has a variety of interesting sections. For example, the one about the new students that start school, the sports section, the fitness...

Hola Argentina

Hola Argentina reviewed by Juan Pablo María and Cinthia Giorlando             Dear Editor, The purpose of this letter is to comment and describe “¡Hola! Argentina” magazine, according to our general view. The magazine is quite entertaining; it has plenty of information about celebrities’ world as well as a range of original issues about make up and food. Fist of all, we...

Viva magazine

Viva magazine reviewed by Barbara Luna and Antonio Maldonado             Dear Editor of Clarín magazine, We are writing this letter to you because we think that the magazine is very interesting, informative and complete. And for these reasons we are grateful. What makes this magazine interesting is the variety of information that  allows people to choose what they want to read....

LNR magazine

LNR magazine written by Victoria Quintela T  and Juan Francisco Krahl                   Dear Editors, We are pleased to share our comments with you about “LNR” magazine. The purpose of this letter is to point out some features and to suggest some innovative ideas. “LNR” is a very interesting magazine,  full of advertisements, up-to-date information and...

Teens (groups B)

Cool pics! 🙂  Click on each one for a larger view!  

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